Be the first in your office to have one of these babies on your desk.  Ranging from intimate to "in your face loud", these can be planted with little herb gardens, bonsai or just a weird succulent.  Trick out your home or office and enjoy a little growth in your life.  Remember to check back for daily updates and new products.  We can even customize a planter for you.  Tell us a little about yourself.  See if a psychic can do this!  We won't even charge you per minute.

"Tripod Syringe Planter"     Stoneware ,Wood, Glue, Syringe  8" x 8" x 12"    2012     


"Copper Red Planter"     Stoneware ,Wood, Glue, Fake Teeth   10" x 10" x 15"    2012     


Here are some more traditional planters.  Remember that they are also good for the kitties to sleep in.