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We met in the middle:

From the Northwest to the Northeast we often find gratitude for our life’s and works partnership colliding in the middle.  My Husband Jared Pankin and Myself, Kelly Mclane have over 30 years of a continuous love affair and partnership with a unique understanding and shared experience, individual competitive personas, both personally and public.    This understanding is much larger than the works we produce.  However conceptual and aesthetic influence are limitless when we meet in the middle.

For over a 2 decades we have each been highly regarded contemporary fine artists.  Represented by art galleries on East and West coast and shown internationally.  Kelly McLane the painter and draftsman and Jared Pankin sculptor working with multiple, alternative materials. 



A knot so brief history of time:

For over three decades Jared has been practicing the art of ceramics. He is a naturally gifted potter. Large yet subtle gestures are obvious throughout,  handling knowledge and expertise of multiple executions, unique to ceramics.   Working at the Greenwich House Pottery as a Lab Manager to continuing his job at UCLA as Lab Supervisor for over fifteen years. He studied under Ken Ferguson in Kansas City and Adrian Saxe at UCLA where he still works and practices art.

Early in the union, Jared and Kelly found common ground in combining techniques and aesthetics in the medium of ceramics. Clay satisfied a shared common ground. Often times the J and K ceramics subsidized our graduate school tuition. Most of the time it was a lot of hard work for little financial return. In ceramics we found our first fans and faithful customers.

Thank ya Big Big:

2007, the Los Angeles life style became too constricting. We took a drastic leap into the unknown.  We now reside in a seemingly forgotten and rugged high desert doublewide, which we call our home.   Ironically on many occasions and vacations exploring the spaces in between, we would wonder "who would live there?".  Guess who… committing ourselves to living in one of our rural artistic spaces in between.  Isolated bucolic beauty?  Navigating our mini ranch compound including three horses four dogs and homegrown food has proved to be drastically different but as complex in all ways as city living. Thank god for our sense of humor which often gets us through the ugly and the beautiful, including every personal and natural disaster not to mention the cultural dissidence and home grown hillbillies who love Nascar and Natty Light. However when put to the task of operating a tractor, knowing the lands where most of us would starve, die from exposure or be killed by pack of wild boar, our "Billies" are still vertical and mouth-breathing.

A more brief history:

Throughout all of these life-altering experiences, we continue to work.  Last Fall, Jared installed a wood stove to heat the wide, as propane became too expensive.  We have many oak trees to stoke the fire.  As is always our style, curiosity of our fireplace became the seed that produced the revival of our collaborative ceramic pursuit.

A couple of Assholes

They sound like a couple of assholes to me: 

Jared and Kelly have always made art because it is a challenge and maybe a virtue.  Sometimes there is the rare pleasure of seeing your visions become that of universal understanding. More often the motivation is to connect with the individual, the mutual exchange of engaging in common aesthetics and ethics.  From sunflowers to fruit skins, we continue our collaborations, on our twenty acres.  Some of our vessels are practical utilitarian bowls using stoneware, earthenware and fine grade porcelain. However, some are tailored to be unique delicate ceremonial urns.  The works yet to be seen will be basins and fountains and planters with all of the considerations of our combined aesthetics.     

If you have read down this far, thanks for listening and stop back to view the new stuff that we are constantly adding.   Thanks,  J and K