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"We were referred to Circle Square works by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received. We plan to be buried in one of their urns.  In the meantime we have a whole set of dishwasher and microwaveable safe bowls that we eat out of every night.  We definitely plan to buy from Circle Square works in the near future!"

Rene and David Goldfarb   Los Angeles, Ca

"Man, I can't believe how good their stuff is.  It gets even better with 10 or 12 Natty Lights in ya"!

Jackie Ooh  Havilah, CA

From the mountains of Havilah, a tiny community that has been lucky enough to win the hearts of Kelly and Jared, I celebrate the artistic impression that is now a part of our valley. I am fortunate to have an assortment of pieces designed by these talented individuals. Along with ceramic bowls and a lovely painting depicting the Arrow T Ranch in signage, with an emphasis on the historical relationship I had with a special horse named Timber.   Kelly and Jared have been inspired to use my daughter as a model for the abstract drawing named “Havilah Honey”.   It is amazing to see that we in our small, yet extraordinary, valley have given the inspiration for their artistic talents to flow. Some would think that the back roads would make a person less likely to think in the abstract, but with Kelly she sees beyond the ordinary into the internal makeup of humanity on this back road in America and Jared’s unique way with multifaceted media will make for a collaboration of ideas only found by understanding where they came from and where they are headed. What the future brings for the two wonderful people is to be seen, but I know they have found the riches of life in a little valley called Havilah.  

Tami Barkley  Caliente, CA

Nif and Lobster Thing loves J and K's work

OMG, this site is amazing!  the picture you chose is classic!  it's
really, really good... the stuff is fucking rad.  Nice job you two.

Jennifer Revit  Los Angeles, CA

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